Help beat Economy Class Syndrome by wearing JET LEGS® Travel Socks!

Economy Class Syndrome can occur during long-haul flights, and in the worst case can lead to death.

The causes of Economy Class Syndrome are as follows:

  • Long periods of sitting with the knees bent = a reduction in the speed of bloodflow.
  • Overeating = the stomach and intestines press against the blood vessels in the groin and obstruct normal blood circulation.
  • Air pressure in the cabin of an aircraft is equivalent to that of approx. 2.000 m above sea level, and therefore equal to an altitude to which most passengers are not accustomed = less pressure on the body, the effect of which can be seen, for example, by swollen feet.
  • The air in an aircraft cabin is very dry and passengers lose a lot of moisture through the respiratory tract and the skin, in addition the oxygen content is lower = the blood becomes thicker and can form a thrombosis (blood clot), which in the worst case can lead to a lung embolism and death.

What preventive measures can be taken?

  • Wear JET LEGS® Travel Socks = this increases the pressure on the legs and helps to improve the speed of the bloodflow.

Contraindications: Diabetics and those with arterial diseases should consult their doctor before wearing JET LEGS® Travel Socks.